Be careful who you open up to

Be careful who you open up to

Nothing hurts more then being played.

I have a bad habit of giving people the benefit of the doubt and trusting them only to be hurt. People are so quick to use others as stepping stones to get to what they want, or to make themselves feel better. If people could be more like animals I think the world would be a better place. My pets love no matter what, never lie, and are always there when I need them most. ~ Nancy Dyer 

If they talk bad about others with you, run away don’t walk.

The ones that you think that you should be able to open up to are the one’s wanting to gossip about you. I learned the hard way, and when I meet someone, and think that I could open up to them, I have second thoughts due to past. ~ Jeanine Serediuk 

Some people do it just so they can always be in the spot light. The truth is most of the people that do this really don’t like themselves. ~ Lynne Petty

Sometimes too much trust eventually you end up hurting your self. It’s very hard to find someone whom you trust with. ~ Belle Edoria 

Gossip is cheap and usually the people who do it are the cheapest people ever.

Choose your friends wisely! Not all those who you consider as friends are real friends.

No one has ever tame the tongue. It occupies a small part in our body but it can destroy our whole being.

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