Category: Building Relationships

Respect is earned, not given

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. If you don’t have a nice thing to say about someone than don’t say anything at all. Respect like trust is earned over time never given for nothing. You want someones respect “Work for it!”. ~ David Velasquez

Some people can take advantage of you

Getting rid of what you don’t need and excess crap gives us freedom and happiness. No one can ever take advantage of you. You allow it and to think otherwise is taking the “victim” mentality. Take responsibility for your actions, even those where your intent is to do …

Do you dislike any person?

Never ever burn a bridge. You never ever know when in your lifetime you might need it. Maybe now you really hate someone that you want them to get lost of your life we should have to consider that maybe one day you will need them in to …