Everything can change in the blink of an eye

Everything can change in the blink of an eye

Just swallow your pride and move on. The best thing will happened to those who knows how to forgive. It attracts more blessings to your life and inner peace of mind. Maybe it won’t heal 100 percent but atleast God knows you’ve tried & you’ve done your part and that is important. Forgive not because you are weak but because your strong enough than those who have done wrong to you. ~ Aechb Eeuarnm 

Never never go to bed on an argument.

When we forgive, we take away the power of the person who hurt us.

If you can’t forgive the person who hurt you, they will continue to hurt you over, over and over every time you think of them or what they did to you they will live in your head rent free. Forgiving isn’t for the person that hurt you, it’s for your own freedom from what they did to you. ~ Lola Murray 

Life is very uncertain. Nobody can prepare for the good time or the bed but it should be on flow. People who come in your life always teach you what you suppose to learn. Everything is meant to be happen, there is no uturn to get out in any situation so let the things be. ~ Dina Ismail 

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