How can you let go or move on with your life?

How can you let go or move on with your life?

Sometimes you have to put distance between yourself and those that you have a hard time forgiving. Even family!

We forgive them, maybe not because they deserve forgiveness but we deserve our inner peace.

This is something I have had to do in my life. In order to forgive, which took me time, I had to let go because it was destroying me. I had to forgive so I could move on and learn from it. To validate my feelings and also let go of others who made me feel less than. Forgiving when one has hurt you is something I can do, but forgiving of one who abused you is another. I had to tear down the weak foundation that I had built over the years and rebuild a strong foundation that has given me strength and courage to move forward in my life. I have found peace and serenity and am grateful for God who loved me before I could love myself. ~ Carol Fitzgerald 

It takes some time, but if you don’t let go the hate will consume you. Also every day that you hold onto it is another day that you allow the people or person that have wronged you to win once again. Do it for your own peace. ~ Angela Medel 

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to accept the evil of another, just leave it in GOD’s hands.

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