Inside every person you know

Inside every person you know

A person I didn’t know, or had forgotten about was hiding inside. Through people pleasing and being swallowed up in life. And now that I have reintroduced myself to myself, and to those I know, I feel free. Try it for yourselves. Peel back the layers of what society, friends and family expect you to be, and what you expect of yourself. You may be very surprised by what and who you discover. Fall in love with yourselves. Maybe take the time to do the same with those that you love. Create a safe place for them and discover the ‘real’ inside of them. ~ Emma Grant 

Invest the time in yourself, that would not be a selfish endeavor and extend that heart and hand to others. Walls are made to be broken down and then see inside your beautiful spirit. Love and friendship to others without conditions! ~ Debbie Lomonte 

It is our own soul inside and our own truly master of life. To find a true happiness in daily living life, we must have time to talk and discuss in details to our own mind inside, always. Our own soul inside is our truly friend. ~ Supakorn Santironnarong

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