Losing someone who doesn’t respect & appreciate you

Losing someone who doesn't respect & appreciate you

You always deserve to be treated with respect. Both parties need to be honest, truthful and compliment each other at all times. ~ Jack Wicks 

Life goes on and sometimes for the best. It may hurt for a while but once you see the other side of someone you know for sure it is best. The other person is the one that will have the regret and wouldn’t be able to better them self no matter what. ~ Carole Johnson 

This is also true for friendships. When friends don’t respect and appreciate you, you need to walk away, you need to respect yourself enough to walk away! Even though it hurts! ~ Terri Ahl 

Respect and appreciation for someone can be showed in so many forms. It will hurt for some time, however, when you forgive yourself and understand that there was a “cause and effect” for everything that happened, then you realize that some relationships were a lesson in order to take you higher. ~ Sophie Perez 

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