Sometimes people think they know you

Sometimes people think they know you

I know myself. No matter how people would paint me, I know I am not an empty canvass. I painted my own life myself. I chose the colors and every hue without their knowing it. I know myself better than nobody else. ~ Purita Licayan 

A person’s perception isn’t reality. They have to misrepresent you in a bad light so they don’t have to try to be their best self. ~ Rose Robbins 

People like to jump to conclusion, basing on their own judgement without understanding the complete picture, in this way, they might be direct or indirectly causing harm to others. ~ Eileen Ooi 

Spend time with yourself. Don’t listen to what other people say about you. Think your own thoughts about everything, find what you like and don’t like, be yourself even if it’s not the norm. God created us each as individuals not copies. So if you think someone knows you better than yourself or if someone else thinks they know you better than yourself RUN AWAY from them. They are probably manipulators or controllers. ~ Barb Boniface 


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