The loneliest person

The loneliest person

He will be a loneliest person because others will always be looking at him for help and not to him!

Nowadays everyone has become so selfish that they always keep thinking of themselves not a single minute they use for thinking about others. ~ Roy Choudhury 

Most of the helpful people who try to make others smile and happy, are usually to stay with feeling lonely and might be so many companies can always be seen around him, but they just come to him for help and for telling about their feelings, problems, not because they care of him. Even if he has some problem and difficulties, he can’t speak it out to let some one know because of his nature that doesn’t want to make anyone feel inconvenience and worry about him. But actually he’s also wanting some friends who can read his feeling inside him without telling, like he understand others’ difficulties and feelings even without being told. ~ Thaw Lwin 

Do things for the goodness of your heart and don’t expect anything in return because good things come to good people.

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