The most painful thing in life

The most painful thing in life

One of the toughest most painful struggles that will tear your heart to shreds & torment your sleep is loving someone who sometimes seems like the best thing that ever happened to you but then other times acts like you don’t exist and like they don’t even care at all. You don’t know why or whether to hold on, or let go, you have tried so hard and you don’t feel like you’re enough for them. You just want them to do something to show that they care that it’s worth it. It’s probably not going to happen and you will start feeling like you’re not enough. But fact is you’ve given everything. More than they deserved. It’s not your problem, it’s theirs. You can’t fix someone. You can’t make someone treat you properly. But you can choose to stop focusing all your heart and energy on being loyal to something. A situation that’s killing you inside. Just be available, to life, to other people out there! Soon enough you will notice that there are people out there who make you smile. Who appreciate you and who are so capable of filling all those holes that have been left in you’re heart! Like a needle and thread that sows your heart back together. Have faith in life, in love. Never stop looking for something amazing! You will find it. Keep looking. Never settle. Maybe all the hurt and disappointment from loving the wrong one so much, is a lesson, to teach and equip you. With the ability to recognize the right one. ~ Brett Smith

Never quit being you in a relationship; be yourself; do your thing. Be an individual: never sacrifice yourself & your values no man is worth it. ~ Sharon Connlley 

When you can be yourself and the other person shares the same interests and has the same values, the same outlook on everything and both people are “givers”, finding nothing better than putting a smile on the other person’s face. That is spectacular! ~ Kady Fox 

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