There are two kinds of people in the world

There are two kinds of people in the world

I grew up on a farm in Nebraska. Only child, hard work, my Father instilled all those values I have. We worked hard, gave hard and slept well. God bless you Dad. (1916-1991) ~ Steven Gehrt 

My father said wealth is in your loved ones not in monetary. He was right. It is in the hugs and actions of loved ones. Respect! ~ Ann Marie DeMaio 

There’s nothing wrong with being a giver except when it makes you feel used and abused. Remember you have to start by giving to yourself. Self respect, love, quiet time and learn to say no. ~ Teresa Rivera 

You gave because God gave you so much to give. Don’t count what you gave and believe me you never going to regret. ~ Roney Bedi 

What goes around, comes around. So give whatever you feel comfortable with and no expectation of receiving. It will come in God’s time. ~ Susan Buggy 

Givers are people who had much blessings & graces received from generous God that is why they want to give and share it to other people who are in need of it especially the poor. Unlike the takers because of their selfishness and greediness in life they want to keep it and hold it all the blessings given to them. ~ Celerina McMenamin

If we have given anything from heart and content we will get back the same in return anytime.

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