Wanting to change & being willing to change


I have to change and start my exercise program and stick to it that’s a challenge for me but I will make that change. ~ Barbara Buss 

Some people are afraid of change & that’s ok. I needed a change. I couldn’t live in my own head anymore. I go to therapy, I take my medicines. I can live again in some peace. Not everything is going to be perfect. I struggle but I’m not giving up. I want to live & be happy. So my change was good! ~ Kimberly Belanger 

Visualize to ‘see’ yourself succeeding. To get that focus on a success not a failure. If say you finished a course concentrate there – on success – do not get pulled into the negative. Take control of your mind to think positive and it also helps kill off procrastination. Let’s be honest! A lot of it is that. Overthinking and negative thinking is often an excuse – I do it myself. There is money to he made, but it requires work not excuses. ~ Hayley Bostwick 


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