When people walk away from you, let them go

When people walk away from you, let them go

Someone I never thought would turn their back on me, did. It is so unexpected & painful down to my soul. Someone I admire & respect & love, always will. Not a bad person at all. Someone I will miss very much. But, perhaps never cared as much as I did to begin with. I don’t believe in walking away from someone who needs a hand up, ever. Sometimes it’s best to just let go. ~ Brenda Ray 

It’s hard to admit ‘it is over’. Love, affair, friendships what ever, but admitting it and letting go. Moving on is the best thing to do. ~ Cheryl Zanewicz 

When people cross our paths in life, it’s because we were meant to meet. Either for us to learn from them or them to learn from us. We come and we go but we learn from each other.

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