Don’t run after people to prove that you matter

Don't run after people to prove that you matter

I have tried and tried and I feel like I look like the idiot going after someone who don’t want to be bothered with me, so I won’t chase anyone anymore, if they want me in there life then they can put me there, I am tired of fighting for a spot. ~ Janet Pipis

Having a small number is better because you don’t have all these people tugging at you. I feel people are their worst when they ask you for money or ask you for favors knowing very well that they have no intention to repay or interest in meeting your needs. Claws come out over the holidays, too. Many want to guilt trip you for you to provide their needs or bring up old stuff that is meant to hurt you emotionally. I much rather do without that nuisance! ~ Sumy Guzman

If someone wants to be in our life, I welcome them. If not, then I wish them well on their journey. No time for those who are indifferent. ~ Andrea Manfredo

Don’t chase the people if they are not ready. After all I realized that’s not worth it. I have learned my lesson. ~ Nana Ly

I love the way I live. I don’t run after people at all. I grew up being taught by my parents to stand on my own and self-sufficient and never to depend on someone else to make my life worth living. If the right man for me comes along, good, but if none, live and enjoy life anyway! ~ Belen Hidalgo

Chase your dreams not people, feel confident when things gets wrong, when it’s a loosing case argues and fights careless all these behaviors, it’s a first step for you to withdraw, think twice, no one is too busy. If someone wants you in his life he will enter you to share happiness and sadness times. You don’t have to fight to get a spot.

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