One person who can make you happy in your life

One person who can make you happy in your life

You yourself can only make you happy!

If you can’t be happy within yourself, you will never be happy with all those around you. Positive starts in your own head and heart. ~ Diane Sickles 

One can be happy but still want to share, create memories and love. Most women want to love and be loved. God bless you! ~ Margie Ramirez 

You can find happiness in yourself, but what is the point if you are the only one to truly appreciate it? We’re social creatures by nature, wanting to find someone to share your life and experiences with is not a terrible pursuit. If we were meant to be completely solitary and content about it, I doubt our social or biological design would have turned out like this. I personally believe you should have the ability to be happy and content in yourself before you share life with someone, but not just stop at being happy alone. ~ Julian Reyes 

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