Don’t worry about the people in your past

Don't worry about the people in your past

You meet everyone for a special reason. Some are here to help you growing up, some others are here to teach you life lessons. In both ways, everyone you meet, good or bad, shape who you are today. Be Thankful for the good experiences but especially the bad ones, cause they are the ones who make you stronger and better. ~ Justine Jackson 

Life is a learning process. As you go along, you loose some & you win some. Only the ones who’s worthy of you will stay.

We are constantly expanding and evolving, we lose people as we change and grow, and we can also gain new people in our lives as well. They always show you what is still vibrating inside of you or they awaken something in you as well. ~ Nikka Rose 

We meet people who are there to teach us lessons & to become strong & wise. Sometimes we learn things through the suffering of being with someone. If a love comes to an end, it was never true love in the first place. Sometimes we keep people in our lives who cause us pain and insecurity. We reach a point when it becomes easy to let them go. We realize the truth and move away and move on. ~ Cathy Tovey 

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