Showing your emotions to someone

Showing your emotions to someone

Not everyone can handle sensitive people. It’s their loss anyway.

The mental institutions are full of people who don’t show emotion. Let it all go if you feel like it.

It’s better to be sensitive and emotional then cold hearted and selfish. ~ Christine Marinacci

I’ve been chastised my entire life by my parents for being emotional. They see it as a defect. It’s taken me years to get over being put down for being emotional. I now know it’s a sign of compassion and caring that they will never get. ~ Jennifer Jones

Crying is a natural thing that happens when someone is going through a sad circumstance and sometimes it may be over something happy. We all have our own way of showing our emotions and it goes to show that we are kind, caring and compassionate and have a big heart, so don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed for crying after all we are human. It’s a natural reaction! ~ Linda MacDonald

I’m a sensitive and emotional 44 year old man. Have been told by friends and relatives to be a stronger person by being less caring to others and that way people won’t take advantage that way. Sorry I can’t be something I’m not will not change who I am. I care about family and friends and people I don’t know. This is a strength not a weakness. ~ Shaun Evans

Just because your a man doesn’t mean that you have to be a rock all of the time. I have a huge heart and I am a very passionate man. I think it makes me stronger. I may bend, but I won’t break. I will make a stand when the time calls for it. But I sensitive enough to give you a shoulder to cry on. That’s the definition of a man. Thanks for my mom teaching me there’s a time and place for both. ~ Steve Malone

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