Someone who always wants to know how your day was

Someone who always wants to know how your day was

My sweet husband tells me every morning, ” Have a good day” and every afternoon says, ” How was your day?” he is my heart. ~ Tonia Barron

There’s nothing sweeter when you know there is someone like that in your life who makes you feel wanted and loved no matter how busy they are. But it hurts when you know there is, but is like not there or physically present but mentally absent. ~ Ellen Mendoza

When you start looking at people’s heart instead of their face; life become clear.

Color your life with those people who are to die for you. When you ask them what will they do if you died, their answer would be directly that they will commit suicide before you die, but unfortnately you can’t find loyal people any more. ~ Farah Zoor

Beautiful relationship between two tender, honest and mature individuals who love and care about each other. ~ Anessa Burzic

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