Sometimes you never know the value of a moment

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment

Treasure every moment. So many precious memories I would love to have back just for a while. ~ Cheryl Finchum

If I could turn back to the most precious moments in my life I would live them over and over again because the most precious moments in my life were the happiest in my life. ~ Myra Patillo

I came home some day to find out that a person we knew well had passed away. He was 48. Time is so valuable friends. Don’t waste it on things that are not important. Let’s spend more time seeing all the good. His obituary said no flowers or gifts just go out and hug your child or grandchild. I would go one step further, go out and hug all the people close to you, and maybe a few who look like they need it! ~ Sue Ann 

Live everyday as if it will be your last as every moment is precious. All memories are so valuable and precious. Hold on to them as you can never be able to go back to experience them again.

It’s like when you are experiencing life’s joys you are too busy to fully enjoy, so when you have a look back, you can appreciate it even more because you are at a slower pace and the memory is bittersweet. ~ Joyce Harbin

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