Strong people will stop trying if they feel unwanted

Strong people will stop trying if they feel unwanted

Tired of waiting for things to change. I can’t allow my life to pass me by while they take their sweet time getting themselves motivated. I have needs and expectations that deserve to be taken seriously. ~ Sarah Yeager 

Once you feel and see that someone is avoiding you, step aside. Keep your dignity and quietly walk away without making a fool of yourself though it’s not easy at times but try in order to save yourself from more hurt. ~ Nomfundo Majiba 

Walk away doesn’t mean you don’t love or value those time you had each other! Its just simply mean, you want them to be happy even if your not anymore part of it. ~ Japhet Querobin 

It’s hard to hold on and try to fix it, it’s even harder to let go, walking away can be really hard if you care about someone, but not everything can be fixed, not everything is worth fighting for. ~ Ghada Laribi 

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