Tongue is strong enough to break a heart


Sometimes we’re don’t even mean anything, but words are so powerful they can hurt others heart. 

When someone you thought you knew and loved goes too far with hurting words, the bond / bone is cracked and might never mend to the way it was before. Watch your tongue when you can’t have it your way. ~ Gail Le Cavalier 

Even as we express our take on what is going on politically and otherwise, it is wise to be careful with our words. Campaigns and current events are temporary. Relationships are precious and if we are careful to disagree with kindness and respect, we will be conserving what ultimately matters most. ~ Susan Frederick 

The sad thing about this is that once spoken it cannot be taken back and even when you say you are sorry those words still hurt and come back to you when you do not expect it. Words do hurt! ~ Ann Buffaloe 

Once the words are out whether you mean it or not you can’t put them back in so pause and take a breath before you lose the head! ~ Angela Long 

The tongue is the most loving and yet when badness is spoken about can be the most harmful our bodies have. So everyone be very careful with everything you say because it can harm so think we’ll before speaking bad words that will harm someone. ~ Maggie Sacco 


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