When you distance yourself from all the negative

When you distance yourself from all the negative

Each person has the choice to remove negativity from their life. If you don’t do so, stop whining. ~ Rita Smith 

There is a whole lot of negative in this world. People and things, but if you focus on the positive things and delete the negatives, you will see what good there is. Facebook itself can be positive, hide the negative posts and people who post them. I’ve done this and it works! Nothing but good positive things always! ~ Sandra Safford 

Thinking positively makes you feel stronger and be a winner against all odds.

Good things are like butterflies & settle on you when you bloom with happiness and attract them!

By all means, defend yourself from negativity especially your thoughts. It can either inspire you or drain you. Choose them wisely.

Beautiful things happen in your life all the time. You will notice the little miracles when you allow yourself to focus on them. The negative will lose it’s influence on you in bits and pieces over time once you start feeling joy in the beauty that is already surrounds you. ~ Debe Sherwood

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