Do good & good will come to you

Do good & good will come to you

I’ll tell you big true now. Do you know why bad people are always healthy or rich? because they think like that, they are positive and know what they want. Some people are angels, will hurt nobody but don’t believe in their self and are negative. Doesn’t matter if you good, you need to do good and believe and know that the good will come back to you! If you say oh anyway I’m unlucky, yes you are. If you say I know it will come back to me, yes it will! ~ Suzie Struharova 

Don’t do good for the purpose that good will come to you. Do good because that’s the way you choose to be. Irrespective of whether good or bad comes to you.

A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts and he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life.

The main difference being that we have to accept it. Many people do many good things, but never accept the good things when returned to them. Too often people are burdened with guilt or expectation of what they should be to allow them to grow and prosper. May we all accept the goodness that is in our lives easily and confidently. ~ C Pyson

Do not expect anything from the good that you do. Else you will not be giving for the correct reason. Moreover what we usually receive is the knowledge within ourselves that we as individuals did our best when we gave and that is all that is necessary. Nothing else is needed. ~ Penny Miller 

Doing good things is much better than being good. Good acts radiates goodness that it contaminates others for such a good aura.

Do good, be kind to all people, share love with everyone around, forgive your enemies, neither let hatred nor evilness freeze your heart, let your dreams guide you to success, listen to the sound of beats of your heart they tell the truth, let your mind be he leader on this journey. It may be long, but believe it will be worth it. Venture and explore your life, many great experiences are awaiting on way. A simple message I send it from my heart and dream it in my mind and live it in my reality. ~ Farah Zoor 

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