I wish I was the same soul I used to be

For that part of me no longer exists

Every year 90% of the cells of your body are replaced, so you cannot be the person you were last year.

It’s still in there, only very deep and well hidden so you can’t see it any more. I keep it locked away in a safe place, protected and resting unused. ~ Sheila Bright 

I wish I was the same soul I used to be. It will never exist again! ~ Movita Delaney 

I had a lot of changes in my life, so I no longer look at my soul to be the same like the past. I still looking forward to the future to change me back to happier times. ~ Frank Pagnotta 

Unfortunately, our past had a clean soul like a child. I rather be childlike and free, than wise and bitter. Wise and clean soul like a child would be ideal. Don’t lose the happy child within your soul. ~ Leigh Rivera 

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