It’s perfectly alright to say ‘NO’

Learn to say no without explaining yourself

You would be surprised at how liberating it is. Once you do it a few times, you let go of the guilt of doing it. ~ Maureen Poisson 

The one who learns to do this keeps himself away from many of the unwanted & uncalled problems in the life.

Most important or you will be a door mat. Loving yourself enough to know you deserve and are worthy of respecting your No’s and your Yes’s without feeling guilty. Otherwise you are being controlled and intimidated. Thank you! ~ Noosa Wellness 

You must learn to put my foot down to people who only know how to use and take advantage and takes everything for granted. ~ Kuan Helen 

I can’t say yes knowing that:
a) my heart isn’t in it.
b) I will have to sacrifice something (time, comfort, fav. TV show etc) which I will not be comfortable sacrificing.
c) I just don’t want to.
d) it’s not a life/death situation and the whole thing is not resting on my shoulders.
It’s PERFECTLY ALRIGHT TO SAY NO. It’s NOT being mean. Not being selfish and NOT being bad. Spreading yourself thin, NOT taking care of your needs and always saying “yes”, then getting unhappy/frustrated due to the extra load IS.

~ Priyanka Habib 

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