Learn to say ‘No’ without explaining yourself

Learn to say 'No' without explaining yourself

Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. Anything more than this comes from the evil one. 

Being selfish is not always a bad thing. Sure, other problems will arise if we say no to everyone all of the time, but this is where selectivity comes in. If you listen carefully, your body will tell you if you are dishonoring yourself by saying yes to someone or something when you really don’t want to. Your “gut feeling” or intuition will poke you in the tummy and let you know. You know what feeling I’m talking about. Sometimes it genuinely feels good to say yes, but the trick is to make sure that you never give more to other people than you give to yourself. ~ Brigitte Nicole

The moment you explain you have already lost. Surround yourself with people on the same frequency. There are people who could hear you speak a thousand words and don’t understand one bite of it. ~ Freja Løvgren 

I would rather tell someone an honest no because telling someone yes but not really meaning it would just make me a liar. ~ Antoinette Martinez 

True friends will understand if you need to say no. Also, saying no is the best way to find out who is genuine or not. ~ Marianne Naudi

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