Once the words are out of your mouth and heard

Yours actions do affect other people

When you act, make sure that you do it in regard to others. Your actions can and will affect others. That being said, do not let others affect how you act, as in, when you see somebody doing something on tv, that doesn’t mean that you should do it. When your friends do something, that doesn’t mean it is ok for you to do it. You should only be doing what you feel in your heart to be the right thing to do. If you really listen to your heart, you will know that the right thing to do is best in regards for not only yourself, but for others as well. The right thing to do is the one in which nobody will usually get hurt. By letting society or what you see on tv affect you, you aren’t listening to your heart and being yourself, your true self, and that is where you should not be letting others affect you. You very well should let the affect that you have on others, especially the direct impact (your actions could potentially end lives even (such as drinking and driving)), affect your decisions. Do what is right, always. ~ Jared Hill

Think before you speak, because once the words are out of your mouth and heard, you can’t take them back.

You also shouldn’t have to please others or evolve your life around them. You should be yourself & most people are sensitive but that’s their problem not yours. I live my life walking on egg shells trying to make people happy because if you just be yourself they don’t know how to handle it so in the last year I worry about me because in the end it’s your life & you deal with the consequences & people will never treat each other the way they want to be treated. They just say they do where as I always treat others how I want to be treated which is always respect them & always tell the truth & always help if I can. MORAL to the story: BE YOURSELF you will have much success. ~ Ashley Winters

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