Peoples’ actions do affect other people

Peoples' actions do affect other people

Some people never learn. That’s why I left them behind. ~ Louis Cascio 

Some parents hurt their own kids over & over then apologize, then hurt again. GOD WILL DEAL WITH THEM! ~ Tracy Olesen 

It’s a shame, that ‘All about me’ attitude has resulted in my beautiful 3 year old son having a very part time dad in his life. Some people will never change as they are incapable of seeing farther than their nose end and no body else is important. ~ Debbie Robley 

Truth is about saying what you think, feel and believe, without expecting others to think, feel, and believe as you do. Basic respect for the each other allows us to be truthful and respectful of the differences. ~ Carolyn Sumners 

The challenge is to live your life and stay true to yourself and respect others, but one cannot control what others think and feel. People are bound not to like you or what you say for reasons beyond you. Don’t take on what does not belong to you. ~ Sylvie Godin 

A wrong word can destroy so much, so take care how you speak to someone who loves you. ~ Monica Luz Del Sol 

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