Some people are not good for you

Some people are not good for you

Some people come in your life with a hidden agenda to try and deeply hurt you and you never get the answers. You never understand why? When you have no expectations in people you are never hurt, you are more disappointed when they turn out to be just like all the other users, takers, and emotional abusers you’ve encountered before. You try to have faith in people. However, it boils down to they simply don’t love themselves. Nobody who loves themselves and loves, cares, and respects you and others will go out their way to play mind games and cause you any amount of hurt. None! I say keep hope and love in yourself alive. God sees everything they do and did and he knows your heart, even when you made a bad judgment call to trust somebody and let them close to you. If you know you’ve been good to people and never used or done anything to them and they try and treat you as beneath them or less than what you deserve, just let them go. If they died today that’s on them where they end up, let them reap what they sow.Your job is to just forgive quickly, perhaps reach out, but if you don’t see them even try to make a mends, then you know that was some pure evil doing. ~ Bell MsKimberly

Accept it and see it as a gift for ourself. Every person we meet in our life has a reason, neither it is a negative or positive one. That moment we need that meeting for our inner growing and life lessons! That’s the way I see it now. So i’m grateful, everything has a reason, every setback has it’s own blessings. ~ Mich Marsoul

I just learned that no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, there is always new things to learn about life and the people you meet along the way. Some will enhance you but unfortunately, most will destroy you. ~ Shirley Lozon

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