Sometimes, you have to stop thinking too much

Sometimes, you have to stop thinking too much

Your heart decisions are inspired by your soul desire which fills the emptiness of your life.

Over-thinking is a major cause of unhappiness. Over-thinking a problem will keep any problem a problem which will keep you stuck inside the same problem until you quit thinking about it. Over-thinking a situation will make the situation worse in direct proportion to the time and energy you spend over-thinking it. Over-thinking anything prevents your creative problem solving skills from bubbling up. Over-thinking makes you worry, and worry is nothing more than your imagination concocting a negative future state. Over-thinking is a time suck. You are so busy in a negative future state or negative past situation (which you can’t change) that you completely forget about right here right now. Over-thinking robs you of energy that could be better focused on things that are worthy of your attention. Over-thinking leads you to second guessing yourself and creates self-doubt. Over-thinking is a TNT drama that occurs on a stage, inside your head, where you are the director, producer, actor, actress, supporting cast, key grip, sound manager, and executive assistant to the executive assistant of the casting director.Over-thinking fabricates problems and gory “what if” horror stories. Over-thinking creates heightened feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, doubt, indecision, confusion, etc., as if whatever you are over-thinking is happening in real life. We’re all going to overthink, over analyze and waste a lot of our days inside our own brains sometimes. The trick, really, is about minimizing those thoughts and making them as productive as possible so they don’t get in the way. Take action, follow your heart and go after your passions, your dreams or you might look back at your life someday and regret it. Sometimes you have to follow your heart. ~ Brigitte Nicole

When you have thought so much and still things don’t work out, follow your heart. Why? What you think is from the mind, the store of data from the past. Your heart, the corridor between your soul ( the true self) and your mind, won’t mislead you in a true sense of the word. Mind you, sometimes we find what is right by the path of what is wrong. Listen to your soul speaking. ~ Zandise Booi 

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