Strong people don’t put others down

Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up. - Michael P. Watson

A while ago I had a ‘friend’ put me down with her words, but I know now that’s because she’s not a strong person. I’m better than that. ~ Viviane Chayna 

A person who is strong, confident and no insecurities in life would always loved to help others and lift them up.

Some people get real nervous when lifted up. They are much more comfortable climbing up themselves. That why they can find their own way. The best a strong person can do is suggest a way to gain strength for them. Learning to love others is the strongest possible act. Practice by loving small things first then gradually bigger and bigger. If you really want to be strong love a addict or worse an adolescent that will make you strong and you will lift up many weak with the experience. ~ Thomas Erskine 

Some people really try to put down others with their words and behaviors because they are not strong. We are better than them, so just ignore them. ~ Shataakshi Nimkar 

People who enjoy talking down to you, demeaning remarks, attitude, makes them feel good, it elevates their ego, they feel smart when they do that, but they are actually weak people, strong people don’t have to elevate themselves. ~ Carol Dulin 

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