There are two kinds of forgiveness

There are two kinds of forgiveness

I would rather forgive and give the person a chance if they are family and important to me. ~ Lina Moore 

After you’ve done the first one with the same person a few times, you got to move to the second option. You can still like the person and remember the good times you shared. Just from afar to preserve your own sanity. ~ Diana Jinkens 

I have always given people a second chance and when I see that I am waiting my time I forgive and move on without them. It is better to remove evil people from our lives than to get constantly abused by them. ~ Tim Underwood 

It is very hard to forgive as we are all human. You never forget, but once you get over the hurt, it makes you feel a lot better. I had an experience that I simply couldn’t get over and forgive, however, it made me feel very unhappy and bitter for one whole year. I prayed hard as I knew the situation was just upsetting my life. Now, I am on good terms with that person who is a family member and help her with her problems. Time does heal! ~ Lina Moore

I will forgive & move on because that person doesn’t care much about me & yet they say they love me. He never calls, never visits, never chats with me even if he is on WhatsApp as the same time with me. So honestly. I have forgiven him & I am moving on without him. Every woman needs attention from her loved one every once in a while. I got nothing. That is clearly not Love. Moving on with a Smile. ~ Debbie Mat 

To forgive simply means you let go of any spite and choose not to get revenge. It does not mean you have to allow that person back into your life if they have not acknowledged, and apologized and taken steps towards change as well. ~ Jennifer Lee 

The third kind of forgiveness is when u finally forgive yourself. ~ Brian Auten
Everyone deserves a second chance. Just remember that “actions speak louder than words”. If behavior persists that requires excuses or a constant “I’m sorry.”, accept the info given, notate their true character, decide if that is a healthy contribution to your life or not, then move on. ~ Tiny Beagle 

Giving forgiveness the next time around is always a case to case basis, it depends on the intensity of the damage or pain they have given you. If staying with him/her won’t make you a better person or the other way around, well it’s time to move on with your life without them. Life is too short to be with those kind of people that won’t make you to be a better person each day. Keep moving forward and always pray to God to always lead you and guide you 24/7. ~ Mel Malig

Forgiveness is a gift from GoD, a person always need a second chance, nobody is perfect, but if the second chance hasn’t change a thing , then move on without them, but if we are talking about family it’s even more harder to balance. ~ Emee Alvear 

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