Those who betrayed you in your life

Those who betrayed you in your life

Someone with a good heart is always trustworthy, kind, loving and caring, a rare person to find. Someone who loves others and hates no one. They tend to be the ones we would never expect to find and when we cross paths with them. We don’t know how to react or reach out to them because they are so genuine/authentic and confident that it scares a lot of people. For example, when they look or talk to someone, they look for the best qualities in that person, because of who they are. Good hearted people are the true keepers, where we might come across them once in a lifetime. They are hard to find nowadays. Characteristics of good hearted people: honest, truthful, trustworthy, open minded, authentic/genuine, patient, respectful, unselfish, responsible,generous, gentle, kind and caring, confident, pleasant, self controlled, humble, brave, strong, good sense of humor smile and above all loving. ~ Laura Toma 

Possessing a good heart, we hope to find it in others. Sometimes it’s not found, more like unkindness. Wish them well and continue on with your good heart. Never let adversity or bitterness change you! ~ Gloria Easley 

If you let evil change you , it wins. Being deceived by people doesn’t make you any less of a person, it makes them less of a good person. ~ Mike Smith 

We believe in others and expect the same honesty and loyalty but sometimes we don’t receive the same, but at the end, even though hurts you. We still think there is good people with good heart in this world. You just need to be patient! ~ Patti Garcia 

You can have a good heart and still see the bad and feel the sting of betrayal, but having a good heart and loving enough to forgive, that’s what matters. ~ Suzanne Garrett 

Forgive yourself! Being hurt is another opportunity for us to love even deeper not just for the other person, but for ourselves and in my experience, I found it wasn’t possible to love the other person until I took care of myself first. No need to force yourself now. ~ Susan Lee

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