Truth is always better even if it hurts a little now

Respect those that tells the truth

There is being honest and deliberately hurting others by telling a truth it is not necessary to convey. I always use the “T.H.I.N.K. principle” as a guide because unlike a lot of people these days I do not want to use “telling the truth” as an excuse to be inconsiderate. Quite simply that principle takes the first letters of the word “think” and gets you to ask these questions before you speak:-

Is it TRUE?
Is it KIND?

And for me the last two questions will always be the most important.

~ Caryn Spriggs 

Truth is always better even if it hurts a little now.

Some people lie when the truth fits better. If you have good conscience tell the truth. Love life, be true to yourself and all good will come right back. ~ Bonney Adkins 

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