Two Hardest things to find

Two Hardest things to find

It has been my experience that about 99 percent of the people you meet in life, are only around when all is sunny and bright or when there is something in it for them. In difficult times, you are mostly on your own. That has been the most difficult part of being a human being for me. So whoever that 1 percent is, hold them close and cherish them. ~ Anne McDougle 

Actually, they are easy to find because they find you. However, we often fail to notice and cherish them because we take them for granted and run after people who don’t care about us. So open your eyes and start recognizing your true friends and you will see that you are surrounded by much more love than you ever imagined. ~ Helena Winawa 

Friends are in three different groups:1) friends of tongue 2) friends of bread 3) friends of soul
Try to not see before friends of tongue since they want to misuse
And give some bread to friends of bread since they want your bread
But do try to keep friend of soul if that friend would found.

We expect true love and loyal friends, but we need to ask ourselves are we true to our partners or the person whom we claim to love or the one we are seeing? If the answer is no, then we have no right to true love and loyalty because two people have to meet each other exactly half way and only then it can be found. Wanting it and doing no effort will get you nothing. ~ Gurleen Sahney 

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