You are not in competition with anyone

You are not in competition with anyone

I cannot be someone I am not. Being me is enough, believe me that a hard job enough. I am me, love me, hate me, leave me, but I am still going to be me, that’s me. ~ Arlene Macdonald 

I have said this pretty much my entire life. Why do people have to try so hard to make others believe they are better. Success is a fluid concept. I have my own terms of success. I don’t try to make others feel less about themselves because of my feelings or belief’s of what that is. Just be! ~ Michele Spinale 

Some people no matter what they have got in life are never happy. Happiness comes within, to appreciate the little things in life. Compete against no one, just improve to be a better person within, learn life’s lessons, learn to love your self. Don’t depend on anyone to make you happy. You only have one life, do what makes you happy. Do not regret, learn from mistakes. Trust your intuitions. Ignore the negativity in others and forgive. Don’t blame anyone for your unhappiness. Don’t let others bring you down. One life, live it. You are in control of your own destiny. ~ Donna Whyte 

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