If you are giving your all to someone

If you are giving your all to someone

Everyone does it at one point. It’s the step we have to make for the next level.

What you gave in the beginning of your journey together, no one saw that didn’t live their lives in your household really. Things do change forever by someone’s choices. So never judge by one side of a couple’s story. You can really learn so much more you were never told, they will only share what makes them look like the other was never nothing to them, and add a little more. Look back on what you have been told. Question it if you must! ~ Connie Robinholt 

I had that all my life, been giving and giving, only to be told by everybody that I’m “not good enough” – either I was the “wrong nationality” or “wrong religion” or “wrong skin color” or “too ugly”. They were obviously the wrong people to be around because I wouldn’t want to be with someone who judge others by their nationality, religion or skin color anyway and as for calling me “ugly” – well, they were obviously looking in the mirror rather than at me when they said that. ~ Saara Ali 

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