Never insist yourself to someone who overlooks your worth

Never insist yourself to someone who overlooks your worth

Love you first! No matter what you think of yourself, realize that there is no story, no rhetoric, no treatment you have received that you deserved that wasn’t loving. You are all you need, ever and when you realize you can do anything, be anything and that you are perfect then it won’t matter what others think. ~ Carol Kilgore 

It does get better it will in time. its not an easy process to go through but the feeling of having a samurai sword in the heart eventually fades . It just makes you stronger and wear your battle scars with pride as a reminder you can get through any thing that life throws at you. after the storms of life there is a rainbow. All the best from some one who has been there before

It’s worst when they know your worth, give you a “spot” for the moment, appreciate and recognize all you have to offer, let you love them, express affection for you in their way, and tell you that you’ll make someone else a good wife someday and then they move away. ~ Kristin DeJong 

What goes around comes around! We take it as a lesson in life as the ones who broke our hearts didn’t realize that we’ll come out stronger, more confident, more beautiful and more loving and surely if not you then someone else will teach them a lesson and break their heart. All we can say it’s karma, do good get good, do bad get bad. ~ Mahabat Mbk 

If I need to change myself to suit somebody’s conveniences, I am not going to do it. I count and if I am not appreciated for who I am or what I am when they don’t deserve me. ~ Vanita Varughese 

I have zero interest in someone who doesn’t value me or who treats me like I’m just another one of their many options. To me, competing for someone’s attention is boring and not healthy for self esteem. So much more fun to be pursued by those who actually like you. I can be friends sometimes still but my heart becomes a no fly zone because at the core level. They will never value it or me. This is the difference between short term fluff and those more meaningful people and relationships where you actually help energize/enhance one another’s life in some way. Rather they walk your path with you for a short time, or for a long while, these are the golden quality people. The ones you remember. ~ Anne McDougle

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