Respect yourself enough to say I deserve peace

Respect yourself enough to say I deserve peace

I have finally done this. It’s not that I don’t love my sisters, but they are not nice people. Well at least not to me. So even though I may miss them it’s better for us to be estranged. I’m not saying I am an angel but , I WILL NOT be spoken to like that. It’s too bad we are getting older. Oh well. Please everyone love your family they are not here forever. ~ Carol Marino 
This is so true but it’s hard to walk away from 33 yrs of marriage and he has a disease that’s called alcoholism but I feel like I’m never going to be able to help someone that’s not willing to help himself , but the mental abuse is taking it’s toll. ~ Lisa Smullen 
31 years together, 25 years married, 3 kids that I basically raised. I had to leave and divorce. It is simply called taking care of yourself. People have to acknowledge their problem/disease, and want to change. No matter what another says, or does progress will not happen. I have never regretted leaving … with nothing but my own personal belongings! Peace is far more important than abuse of every kind! ~ Diana Perkins 

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