What truly matters is do you have real friends

What truly matters is do you have real friends

If you go through life and have just one really good friend, you are blessed. I know many people who have lots of acquaintances who they call friends but they have no real friends. Friends are people who will be there for you through thick and thin. ~ Scott Chastain 

Friends & family are what matters most through both good & bad times!

If you have one true friend in life you are lucky.

Real friends are the ones there no matter what your circumstances. That’s when you find out who the real ones are.

True friends is a gift. True friendship doesn’t come with a price tag, you can’t buy true friends. It has to come from the heart. ~ Pamela Dieffenderfer 

Real friends are hard to come by. Most people are only your “friend” because it benefits them in some way.

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