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Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness

Ruminating, catastrophizing and vilifying instead of taking personal accountability are ways that “overthinking” can occur and keep you down. Positive thinking is important but so is identifying and then changing the ways you overthink. It’s easier to be positive when you are aware of the special “overthinking” path …

It’s not your job to please anyone

Be yourself in life people will like you best that way! When you try to please others that you end up frustrating yourself.  It’s a great way to live if you can’t be true to yourself. You can’t make a difference in other people’s lives. ~ Kaye Lingeman   

Sometimes people think they know you

I know myself. No matter how people would paint me, I know I am not an empty canvass. I painted my own life myself. I chose the colors and every hue without their knowing it. I know myself better than nobody else. ~ Purita Licayan  A person’s perception isn’t …