Save a someone’s Life

Save a someone's Life

A good friend of mine committed suicide many years ago and to this day I feel guilt wondering why I did not see the signs and if I could have done something to prevent it. You never know where a kind thought or word might land or it’s effect. It really takes little effort to just be kind to people. We just never know what it might mean. ~ Unknown

My younger brother committed suicide New Years Day 2009. It’s taken me a long time to get over the guilt of not seeing the pain he was in, even tho he tried (and succeeded) in hiding it from everyone. We all need to love one another without question, and never pass up a chance to show someone you love how much they mean to you. ~ Shanna Beam 

Just spread love and kindness wherever you go and know that even though you may not know it, your kindness might just make a difference in someone’s life. ~ Ellen Macneil

Keeping positive thoughts & vibes flowing is a heck of a lot better then the negative ones flowing. ~ Michele Donohue 

I was walking to the train and smiled at a man and said hi, he looked very sad. I did so everyday after that when he passed. One day he stopped me and said thank you for your kind smile, it saved me from doing something really stupid, well tear filled his eyes. I gave him a hug and smiled and said no problem. We both smiled with a deep understanding, sending each other love and then parted ways. ~ Gemma O’Dwyer 

Once there was this guy who was about to jump from a bridge. His former girlfriend told me later on that he saw me passing by with a big smile on my face and he wondered and asked why I was smiling. That day he did not jump and he still lives. Smiles can save life! ~ Alexandra Valdez 

We have a tendency to get lost in our own little worlds and forget how much we have to offer. We may never know which lives we touch. ~ Troy

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