The people who choose not to be a part of your life

You can't change how people feel about you

The people who don’t fit in your life, the people who choose not to be a part of your life or like you and that’s okay. We can’t force them to like us, so go about your life and concentrate on ones who do love you. ~ Brigitte Nicole

We can always strive to be a better person. In some cases, certain people’s feeling will never change no matter how great a person you are. ~ Eric Dossa 

We all have people in our life at one time or another that don’t like us. Sometimes for no reason at all. I use to think I had to do something to make it right. I finely got it. Life is too short and it’s not my job to make everyone happy or like me. Sometimes the problem is not with us but the other person. I will always treat others with kindness but I am not going to worry any more if some one likes me or not. ~ Debra Madden

To change their feelings keep loving them. Since, love begets love. Never surrender! The power of love will tame and mend their heart. Continue sowing love into their heart. ~ Danilo Mallari 

If they don’t like you, that means they think you are better than them & feel intimidated by you. ~ Louie Rivera

Just never force to others who dislikes you after you’d done every good deeds for them, and still they don’t appreciate you. Whatever ugly experienced we have in the past just consider it a lessons and learn how to set a boundaries for the future walks of life. ~ Liza McLaughlin 

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