God knows who belongs in your Life

God knows who belongs in your Life

A college professor of ours once said, just like a sand if you hold on too tight on things and people, the more they would slip out from your hands but if you simply allow it to rest on your palm and never try to contain it, it will never fall off. The more we want to take control, the more we become out of control. ~ Eula Panis 

I have set her free. My pics are gone and everything has changed. All I can do is restore myself and focus on my future. If she decides she really did want to go there with me she will return her heart to me on her own. If not I’m sure God will bless me in his perfect way. ~ Christopher Clement 

Pray every night to let go of the past. It has meant cutting myself off from loved ones. I felt so guilty in the beginning, but as the months has passed, I realize that they are not there for me. Time has made my feelings heal without the constant reminder these people put me through. I live in the now, most of the time and trust the people still in my life. I pray that I won’t bring past experiences into new friendships. I pray that I can trust myself to trust others. ~ Veronica Coughlini

Whoever has been in our life and left it, left because they have already brought to our lives what they were suppose to. God will not take someone away from us, or have them leave us, if they are still needed in our life. I believe we are all on this Earth because there are certain things we are suppose to learn while we are here. How we do in this life depends on two things. The people that are a part of our lives, and the decisions we make whenever faced with a choice. ~ Peggy Sasser

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