No matter how busy a person is

No matter how busy a person is

Many times you distance yourself from some people to avoid getting hurt and to avoid hurting them too. Being practical is difficult but sometimes very important. ~ Gurleen Sahney 

Sometimes you really can’t see them for work, commitments & family, so the phone is great to communicate or texting. ~ Sophia Mousis 

If a person really loves you will also find time, opportunities and ways to meet you communicate but if a person deliberately avoids you then understand your place and value in their busy life. ~ Ain Al Marwa 

We must learn to understand that people in our lives will always make sure that they have quality time to spend with the ones that they truly care about regardless of how busy that person is because the less time that you spend with someone or people the harder it becomes because then you’ll suddenly realize that they no longer care & the further that you’ll push them away, so it’s always best to make precious time because you never know if you get the chance. ~ Amanda Tripney 

If you want to see how much a person cares about you look at how much time he wants to spend with you.

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