Sometimes you have to give up on people

Sometimes you have to give up on people

It’s a huge waste of time to spend more thinking about someone you think you may care about who makes it crystal clear they don’t spend any time thinking about you. ~ Peggy Van Aller 

A lesson I have spent too much time learning. It’s not always a question of what’s wrong with me as it is a statement on their being. ~ Calvin Caudill 

Giving up does not mean not caring about the person, it means letting them have what they want, which is to be without you. ~ Johnny Crochet 

It will happen many times over in a lifetime. Will it hurt? Yes! Is it a bad thing? No! Surround yourself with people that truly have your back. They are the ones worth more than anything in this world. 

When they can’t seem to make time for you but once a week it’s time to say goodbye. ~ Greg Fullington 

If people treated you like an option, leave them like a choice.

You have done everything to guide them, to show them you care, but since they are the one to choose to be whoever they wanted to be, no matter how much we love the person and wanted to see them on their best, we better give up because it is very tiring, and you are just ignored. Just remember, we will not be at their side all the time. ~ Marie Cruz 

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