Enjoy the freedom and solitude

Enjoy the freedom and solitude

I love being alone. I tell people I am my own best friend!

Not many understand the fun of being by yourself and enjoying your own company. It’s still a working struggle between my family and a few of my friends but it’s not their journey, it’s mine and I’m ok with that. ~ Sheila Montecalvo 

Getting time alone to connect with my spirit, the universe with just me myself and I is good medicine for my soul. ~ Janie de Montel 

I love being alone in my solitude, I get in touch with who I really am and how much I love me. I map out on how my life could be, and how much I love my children. ~ Barbara Grundy 

It is good to be alone so you can talk to yourself about things you did and didn’t do. ~ Jean Juntunen 

Much better to be alone than to be in the company of people who make you feel uncomfortable and not appreciated.

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