Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad

Sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad

A good heart lives in denial and always hopes for the best, but a good heart, no matter how much it loves, must always be prepared for the worst. A good heart is usually covered in scars that no one can see. ~ Randy Lynch 

A truly good heart cannot prepare for the worst it just deals with the carnage after the fact. ~ Martha Myers 

Most times it’s the ones you love the most that betray you. ~ Tammy Bumgardner 

We have good hearts but we should be aware of what we do with our good hearts or else we will get hurt. I’ve gotten hurt many times and I see people a lot differently now. Sometimes we lead with our hearts instead of our minds. I’m more careful now because of all my hurt, which is unfortunate but true. ~ Camille Marquez 

Some souls are too damaged, you can not reach them, leave and move on before they drown you with themselves to the depth of the sea of darkness! Betrayal and deception is a part of their roots, you can’t do anything about it. ~ Megan Zik 

A good heart is always meant to be broken because in this real world nothing meets it’s expectations. Pure heart with sentiment should find solitude as friend rather to be betrayed and broken. ~ Anoop Arya 

Sometimes life’s struggles are a blessing. We need to focus on long term expectations. Life throws lemons at you, but eventually you’ve learnt to make lemonade out of it. This is good experience! ~ Anthony Doraisamy 

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